Market penetration

Did you know that West Africa has a population of over 300 million?
The economies in Ghana and other West African countries are rapidly developing. The middle class is especially increasing and that is creating many good opportunities for European companies.

Agatrade stands ready to facilitate your entry into these lucrative West African markets. We are able to do the following for you:

  • identify and analyse potential West African markets and business opportunities for your products and services
  • locate reliable joint venture partners, distributors and representatives in diverse sectors including production joint ventures, marketing or strategic alliances
  • identify investment opportunities that tap into the regions promising and developing economic growth
  • provide legal information on specific countries regarding specific businesses
  • assist companies to acquire licenses where it is necessary before the commencement of business
  • or even arrange your transportation around in West Africa, arrange accommodation and most importantly make sure your targets are met before returning to your home base